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Nina Leonfellner

Nina Leonfellner has been involved in a variety of sports all her life, both team sports and individual sports such as swimming, skiing, figure skating and now rock climbing since 2000.  She has been treating sports injuries since she graduated as a physiotherapist in 1999.  Nina is a member of the ACPSEM (Association of Chartered Society of Sport & Exercise Medicine) and has her Silver level of accreditation with this association.  This means she has not only worked in clinics treating athletes, but also at various sport events and competitions for a variety of sports.  She has also been mentored by some of the top physiotherapists in sport in the country.  A Silver accreditation also means that Nina submitted an extensive professional portfolio and case reflections to the ACPSEM board in order to justify being called a sports physiotherapist.

Nina is also a member of the AACP (Association of Acupuncture for Chartered Physiotherapists) & ACPOHE (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Heath & Ergonomics).