“When it comes to the treatment of climbers, Nina Leonfellner is one of the most accomplished Physiotherapists in the UK. She has helped me to recover from several career-threatening injuries and has worked with some of Britain’s best climbers, including members of the British team. Nina is the consultant Physiotherapist for the Masterclass Coaching Academy, which is an elite organisation that specializes in delivering the most up-to-date information on training and injury prevention. Many of the top climbing coaches in the UK are utilising her methods in their warm-up and injury-prevention routines. Nina has given presentations at national seminars and had numerous articles published in the British climbing press, and on the subject of injury prevention. Her experience ranges right across the spectrum from older climbers, to juniors, and from beginners to elites. In addition to her expertise, Nina is also a great motivator, who has prompted me to achieve my best on many occasions. I trust her implicitly and couldn’t possibly recommend her services more highly.”


— Neil Gresham Professional climber and coach

“I was first introduced to Nina through Neil Gresham via phone and emails after injuring my pulley! We then met properly on Neil Gresham’s Masterclass Coaching Academy Course. Nina presented an excellent module on injury management and prevention to a class of enthused professional coaches. Nina discussed strength and conditioning exercises, anatomy, physiology and specific detail into coaching children and young adults – an area which I have a huge interest in. Nina has been a fountain of knowledge for me.

Nina is always professional and a pleasure to work with. Working in a climbing wall, I often approach injured climbers and pass on Nina’s details. ALL of them return having seen her with glowing reports. Nina is a keen climber, as well as an excellent physiotherapist, which is a rare commodity in our industry. This means that Nina appreciates how much a climber does not want to stop their sport, and will encourage good technique, as well as rehab and only limit climbing as a last result.

My first-hand experience of Nina has been second to none. I fully ruptured my A2 Pulley in my left ring-finger back in May 2012. A serious injury for a climber and coach to sustain, but through Nina’s expert analysis and physiotherapy, I was able to get back to climbing harder than ever before despite many others suggesting it would never happen. Nina’s ability to maintain constant communication through an injury and help rehabilitation was remarkable. Constantly assessing and reassessing to ensure we were on the right path to recovery – we were!

I have been writing some articles with Nina more recently and I feel privileged to be in a position to be able to pass on some words of advise from Nina to the climbing community.I cannot recommend Nina highly enough. If you have an injury that needs addressing, please do not hesitate to contact Nina. The sooner you see Nina, the faster she will be able to get you back to fighting fit again. I am indebted to Nina and cannot thank her enough for her help.”


— Robin O’Leary Professional Performance Climbing Coach

“I’ve had a variety of injuries over the years and Nina has been my first port of call for all of them. Nina has been great at diagnosing the problems, and then telling me what to do to get better, even if that included rest! 

Nina spends time loosening up certain areas and then always gives me lots of exercises to do! She always explains clearly whats wrong and why I have to do the exercises, and that makes it easier to motivate myself to do them.”


— Hazel Findlay Professional Climber

“Without Nina, I wouldn’t have been able to send my project: Muy Caliente! in Pembroke. She was quick to diagnose a small fracture in my ankle. I would have just continued climbing and walking on it if I didn’t have her diagnosis and confirmation from X-ray. With the right rehab and training I was still able to complete my route that season. Nina has saved me a few times now!”


— Tim Emmett Professional Extreme Sports Athlete

“Nina has really helped me through the recent years. Her extensive background in sports science and physiotherapy partnered along with her love of climbing means she really understands the injuries climbers typically struggle with, and is very experienced in helping climbers recover to full fitness, as well as, to continue to stay balanced.”


— Hamish Potokar GB Junior Bouldering Team

“I first injured my wrist training in preparation for the 2013 Boulder World Cup season. I was recommended by a friend to see Nina. I had heard of Nina’s excellent reputation. After my first visit I could see why. Her specialty in sport made you feel confident in her assessments and diagnosis. But Nina is also a very keen climber herself, so she has such a great understanding of the demands of the sport. Nina provided me with the tools I needed to not only fix my wrist, but how to be a much more rounded and well balanced athlete.”


— Ben West GB Senior Bouldering Team

“My treatment time with Nina was amazing, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her on my recovery. As an athlete I had seen many physios and Nina is by far the best and most caring of them all! My injury made huge progress with Nina’s help. Nina has such integrity and passion, I am extremely grateful to have her as a physio and a friend!”

— Kitty Wallace 2009 Junior British Lead Climbing Champion at the EICA; 2nd Junior female in the 2009 British Bouldering Champs

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